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The Toolkit consists of guidance, stories, and tools that support equitable engagement practices within City government. Trainings help practitioners adapt and adopt those practices by:

  • Addressing challenges, examples, and recommendations that aren’t included in the Toolkit.
  • Applying guidance, stories, and tools to current and future engagements.
  • Building relationships between practitioners within City government and communities.
  • Clarifying guidance and drawing connections to real life examples.
  • Identifying opportunities to improve equitable engagement practices within City government.
  • Offering context for how guidance advances equity in engagement.

You’re not alone in your equitable engagement practice. The Toolkit was created by, for, and with City employees and community members across Philadelphia. And trainings are an opportunity for us to come together in solidarity.



The Office of Civic Engagement and Volunteer Service manages engagement-related trainings for City employees, community members, and volunteer managers. Examples of those trainings include:

  • Building equitable coalitions: This training provides strategies for organizing community assets and resources around mutually beneficial goals.
  • Embodying equitable mindsets: This training explores how mindsets shape actions and provides strategies for disrupting fixed beliefs.
  • Setting equitable goals: This training provides strategies for setting goals that center diversity, equity, and inclusion to guide engagements from start to finish.



To participate in an upcoming training: